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Is Our Campaign Finance System Broken?

A Quick Glance at Campaign Finance

Bernie Sanders has made the campaign finance system a central point of his presidential candidacy.  Anybody who’s listened to the Senator speak has heard him rail against the “corrupt campaign finance system” that allows billionaires to “buy” or otherwise “rig” elections.

But are his accusations true?

A thorough study is very difficult due to few presidential elections in the post Citizens United era — this is just the second.  With little data available, a rigorous quantitative study cannot yet be done.  As such, I leave you with this chart that pulls super PAC data from OpenSecrets.  Flush with cash, these super PACs have often backed losing candidates (which isn’t surprising — all but one candidate ultimately loses).  I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

CandidateSuper PAC Dollars RaisedIs He/She President?
Mitt Romney$153,741,731No
Scott Walker$24,127,173No
Bobby Jindal$4,472,589No
Lindsey Graham$4,182,034No
Rand Paul$9,909,755No
Carly Fiorina$14,131,949No
Chris Christie$20,276,835No
George Pataki$1,547,674No
Jeb Bush$118,864,488No
Marco Rubio$57,933,414No

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