donald trump is stupid

Donald Trump Promotes Stupidity

Donald Trump’s rise poses many threats to America — he’s an illiberal democrat hell-bent on coming to power through a mixture of scapegoating and denouncing those who dare oppose his moronic worldview.  Both serve as dangerous precedents for American democracy; it is the latter, though, that can infect more than just a mischievous faction.

It takes but a short scroll through Trump’s outlandish Twitter feed to discover his contempt for opposition.  Oftentimes, his ire and love of elementary school insults are directed towards the free press — generally reporters who dare question his knowledge, point out his inconsistencies, and who simply share his quotes.  Luckily for Trump, he has a cult of dedicated followers who think that Trump, and Trump alone, speaks the truth.  His followers refuse to accept all the evidence that clearly says Donald Trump is stupid and dangerous for democracy; by steadfastly ignoring all critical coverage of Trump, these voters become stupid as well.

They believe that media outlets try to bring Trump down (a view they believe only because Trump has repeated it at essentially every one of his rallies).  The Cult of Trump operates in a bizarre and fallacious logical circle: Any Trump statement is true because Trump himself said it (begging the question).  This means that Trump voters are misinformed — dangerously so — and that stupidity permeates and defines a sect of voters devoted to the election of a man antithetical to American values and our Founding ideals.

A well-functioning liberal democracy relies on the Fourth Estate (the free press) to inform the electorate.  We need objective reporters to relay stories, vet information, and hold candidates accountable for previous actions and statements.  By and large, that is what the American press does.  Trump, however, has made it his mission to undermine a number of our country’s best news outlets — most notably, the New York Times and the Washington Post — because the two bother to do actual reporting.

Recently, the New York Times wrote a piece interviewing a number of women with whom Trump interacted in his pre-politician, playboy days.  They relayed quotes and stories in an objective manner.  The reader could come to any conclusion desired (and the natural conclusion is that Trump is a vile sex-hound with little regard for females).  One of the women interviewed took issue with the piece, claiming that it misrepresented her story.  But such accusations have little factual bearing: She could point out no incorrect or falsely attributed quotes and the New York Times shared her anecdote as she described it.  They did not editorialize or share their own conclusions.

That did not stop Trump from repeatedly attacking the Times on Twitter (his bully pulpit).  For days, he has hurled baseless accusations at the paper and the reporters involved with the story.  His cronies often appear on Fox News and, unchallenged, repeat the same attacks.  Fox, for its part, tweets quotes to its 9 million Twitter followers without bothering to accompany such tweets with facts or reality.  Does Fox know that Donald Trump is stupid?  Surely, but apparently for Fox, party allegiance comes before the well-being and intelligence of the nation.  Fox is complacent in myth spreading.

Trump voters, who believe every word out of Trump’s mouth, see such attacks and insults and surmise that the New York Times is “out to get” Trump and that they can therefore ignore every piece written by the Times.  In other words, operating with numerous logical fallacies (begging the question and a point of origin fallacy), Trump supporters dismiss, out of hand, the Times’ reporting.  They simply ignore facts, quotes, and stories from the outlet because the outlet bothers to actually look into Trump and his disgusting behavior.  These Trump voters become dangerously misinformed as they receive one-sided information that portrays Trump as a God among humans — we see that Donald Trump is stupid, they see that he is infallible, a man fit to be Emperor.

The New York Times is not alone.  Recently, Trump has derided the Washington Post as a tax haven for its owner, Jeff Bezos.  These accusations, of course, have no basis in reality, but that doesn’t stop Trump and it certainly does not stop his cult from ignoring all the Post has to offer.

In some ways, Trump’s dismissal of the Post as an honest news platform does more to perpetuate stupidity than do his attacks on the Times.  The Washington Post has a number of blogs dedicated to bringing academic research to the public.  Two of these blogs — The Monkey Cage and Wonkblog — offer incredible and incredibly important analyses of politics and policy.  The Monkey Cage is run by political scientists; Wonkblog, though operated by journalists, always seeks to incorporate academic findings.  Both blogs offer a wealth of information and plentiful analysis, the likes of which often find their way into collegiate syllabi.

But this fountain of knowledge is seen by only a few.  Trump’s attacks on the Post mean that blogs premised on analysis and research by the best professors in certain fields does not make its way into policy discourse.  Findings are neither vetted nor read by Trump supporters; rather, they are ignored, chastised, and laughed at.  Donald Trump is stupid for ignoring all the evidence that points to the insanity of his policy ideas.  His supporters are stupid for believing, as fact, everything Trump says and making it their mission to discredit all news sources that dare challenge that assumption.

It’s a shameful way to treat accessibility to knowledge.

Trump voters are misinformed precisely because they ignore analysis and anything that might challenge their preconceived notion of Trump as a mythical, higher being sent from the heavens to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain (I must have missed the point in time when we ceased to be a great nation).  These individuals rely on sources such as Drudge and Breitbart (in which Trump might have a financial stake) for information.

Ironically, it is these two sites that have a clear and unmistakable ideological inclination.  They are sources dedicated to ensuring Trump’s election.  An echo chamber is created wherein Trump supporters see and accept only the information that brings Trump to new heights.  All countervailing analysis — even that premised on Trump’s own words and actions — is rejected without thought or reason.

We know that Donald Trump is stupid.  But his supporters don’t.  And they never will.  It leaves voters dangerously misinformed and completely unable to vet policies.

Worst of all, it represents a major party’s candidate undermining the free press and attacking knowledge in order to maintain a Cult of Stupidity that will follow him on the dark, illiberal road to proto-fascism.

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19 thoughts on “Donald Trump Promotes Stupidity

  1. Mr. Trump,

    I think it’s unexceptable to insult so many people. For you it seams a never ending story to do so. I think we should beginn to love each other, that keeps the world turning in an positive way.

  2. The 1st comment demonstrates the lack of education in the Trump supporters crowd. The Mis-spelling of the word unacceptable says it all.

    1. There are a few other misspellings in that post. I wish spelling was focused on more in schools. It sucks to see more and more mistakes because the terrible spelling and symbols used in texting is being allowed in schools, and kids just can’t spell or write and read cursive writing. One could almost say that our future generations will not be very bright. Okay, I’ve stepped down from my soap box, and my rant is over.

    2. I am one of the stupid, ignorant followers. Misspelled words as everyone knows, are often caused by the computer changing your words. Also, on Twitter a person only has 100 letters to get a thought out. Often people use abbreviations to finish their quotes.
      Ignorant Sharon
      Trump follower on Twitter for over a year.

      1. How does anything you said relate to the article? You said you are a trump folower. Do you agree with the lies he tells? Is it ok for him to say things that are easily proven to not be true? Can you think critically, ask yourself, “Is that true? Is that right? Is that moral?” when you hear him say things that may or may not be true, that he tends to oversimplify and exaggerate?
        You seem to be intelligent. When he takes credit for things he has not done, or that do not exist, don’t you wonder? Doesn’t it even once strike you as odd that he is constantly harping on the same things, then praising himself endlessly, then attacking again?
        His behaviour patterns are bizarre, not because he isn’t a politician, but because he’s not even a good businessman. His own businesses are not in US, his products are made abroad–shouldn’t he have brought those jobs back first thing, to prove he means what he says?
        He doesn’t pay taxes, but I bet you do. Do you think he is smart for not paying, for not supporting the military which is where a lot of taxes go? Was he smart to promise donations to help veterans, and then not give it?
        Just wondering. Thanks.

          1. Sadly I don’t think spelling and grammer are the apex of any discussion regarding Trump. His demeanor, psychological imbalance, reckless behavior and instability are of far more concern. Our concern should be his actions and the potential damage he can perpetuate … and the White House asylum needs to be constantly watched, they’re a dangerous bunch. I have no idea why people voted for him other than he offered them hope. Lies heaped upon lies … The American people are not victims of illegals or Islam. This is how a populist rises to autocracy, let us not forget. I am a Republican but there is no way I can support this clown. His actions are opposed to his promises … he drained the swamp and filled a cesspool.

  3. Donald Trump is very good at demeaning anyone who He perceives as a threat to himself. He has proven this over and over again during this presidential campaign. He says he’s not changing. What will it be like if he actually becomes our next president. Let’s hope Hillary is right about him – that he’s doing a good job of running against himself. It’s called friendly fire. He’s just not very smart and some of his business startups is evidence of that. Imagine him in the presidents chair where he has to use good judgment that he doesn’t have. Let’s all work towards a candidate who does have good judgment. The United States would be in grave peril in Donald Trumps hands.

    1. Like you morons did when you tried to get that idiot Hillary in office. Bunch of crying ass liberals. Get back under that tock and stay there until I tell you otherwise.

  4. It might be helpful if Trumps followers were directed to google him under the many sites available. e.g. Trump lawsuits – Trump business history – Trump bankruptsies – Trump quotes – anything you want to know about him is available. They should read these articles, and then make an informed decision.

  5. When the Trump era one day is over for good, the dear Donald will first and foremost be remembered for his stupidity and ignorance, as well as his perfect ability to cherish any mean to accomplish his selfish goals.
    However, I’m sure there will be many fine hours of laughter and fun in the future to come, when people will be thinking back of the time when US had a crybaby for president.

  6. DJT is THE WORST, most brazen POTUS in all of the history of USA. He is the biggest embarrassment on the world stage and foreign leaders laugh at his stupidity. He doesn’t even like his supporters and I am baffled at how loyal they are to him. He is evil and holds many evil powers, that is the only way I can conceive that his cult followers can drink his koolaid and believe every lie that he tells, which is literally every time he speaks. Oh, btw @ ignorant Sharon, my iPhone often misspells words, too but most intelligent people will proof read the post and correct the mistakes, if the really do know how to spell the word in the first place. Have a nice day.

  7. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an really long comment but
    after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr…
    well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted
    to say superb blog!

  8. Quote: “The Cult of Trump operates in a bizarre and fallacious logical circle: Any Trump statement is true because Trump himself said it (begging the question). ”

    I would describe that more as argumentum ad verecundiam, argument by appeal to authority, or in this particularly applicable case, the more direct Latin translation to an “appeal to reverence.” Trumpanzees (as I like to call Trump supporters) regard anything he says as true because they revere him. It really is very much like a personality cult. That’s why he can get away, at least within his personality cult of reverent followers, with saying the most absurd stuff that is facially dishonest to anyone with a sound mind.

    While there is a circular begging the question nature to this in the declaration that “it is true because Trump says so because Trump says so” that kind of reverent reliance on authority is the essence of the ad verecundiam argument. The essence of any appeal to authority is that “it is true because the authority says it is true.”

    This kind of appeal to authority is intended to forestall future discussion, to include whether the authority really is an authority. Legitimate use of an appeal to authority requires first proving the credibility and authenticity of the authority. That is never done with Trump, because it can’t be. They accept his authority on nothing but blind faith because they are smitten by his dishonest, hateful and erratic personality.

    Like most demagogues Trump’s supporters love him because he says bad things about people his supporters don’t like. That would mostly be “the 3Ms” of Muslims, Mexicans and the Media.

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