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Georgia’s Special Election is a Special Chance to Win a House Seat

Georgia’s Sixth Congressional district, which includes Atlanta’s northern suburbs, offers those opposed to Donald Trump the first opportunity to flex electoral muscle.  Hillary Clinton lost to Trump in the district by a little more than one point, though Tom Price — the self-serving, unethically profiteering congressman — easily won reelection.  He’s now in the cabinet, resulting in a special election where Democrats, energized an impassioned by Trump, could flex electoral muscle.

Moreover, this will be the first chance to test changing party coalitions.  Georgia’s sixth congressional district is highly educated and pretty white, a demographic long in the Republican column but thanks to Trump’s general idiocy and outstanding ignorance has been migrating to the Democratic Party (Clinton, according the New York Times’ Upshot, likely won whites with a college degree).  If Democrats hope to win the House in 2018 — a daunting task — they will need to win suburban sunbelt districts such as Georgia’s sixth.

The upcoming election, therefore, provides a dual test: Can Democrats turn resurgent activism to ballot box results and will Trump’s lunacy drive educated whites from their long-time home in the Republican Party?  All Democrats should go all-in on this race.  It would be the first clear electoral rebuke of un-American policies, telling the Vichy GOP that they will be held to account for their unwavering (and inexplicable) support for a National-Populist.

Don’t tune out and get discouraged.  This Georgia special election is a unique opportunity to see a clear result from resistance.  We need your activism and volunteering more than ever to begin flipping districts and making inroads to a traditionally red state.  It can be done and, should we accomplish this feat, other Republicans will likely be forced to moderate their tone and distance themselves from Donald Trump lest they too find themselves kicked out of a once-safe seat.

We’re fighting for this seat — help us win.

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