Trump Didn’t Do That!

Obama Did.

President Donald J. Trump, known to some as “Dear Leader” for the cult attitude he inspires and to others as “President Delicate Snowflake” for his utter inability to handle criticism like an individual who’s matured past the pre-school years, loves to take credit for business deals, investments, or other successes done during President Barack Obama’s administration.

Trump, who touted his business acumen – acumen that includes numerous bankrupcties, losing $1 billion in a single year, and resounding successes such as Trump Air and Trump Steak – desperately needs to hang his hat on something.  His unconstitutional executive orders have been struck down.  The healthcare bill which he “supported 100%” polled at 17 percent and couldn’t even attract 200 Republican votes in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives in its first rendition.

With promises blocked or broken (he promised to repeal the ACA hundreds of times during the campaign; instead, he gave up after 17 days of “effort”), he needs something to tout.  So the man-child who likes to sit and pretend to drive big trucks assumes credit for the victories of his predecessor.

Here are just a few instances:

1. Ford’s Michigan Investment

trump ford investment

We’ve already dispelled this fiction, it’s worth repeating that Ford announced this deal in 2015.  Their press release.  Who was president in 2015?  Oh, right, Obama, not Trump.

2. Exxon Mobile Investment Program

Trump, who installed former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson as his Secretary of State despite Tillerson’s utter lack of foreign policy experience and close friendship with Vladimir Putin, the war-criminal president of far-right, authoritarian Russia, bragged that his willingness to forego the environment led to Exxon investing $20 billion in the Gulf.  The White House’s statement essentially copied Exxon’s – such plagiarism seems a natural result of having likely the least able West Wing staff in modern history.  Of course, had the White House bothered to read Exxon’s statement before copying it, they would have noticed that these investments began in 2013, back when Trump was the nation’s punchline (well, he still is, but in dark humor considering he’s now also making America the nation’s laughing stock).  Oops.

3. Charter Communications Hiring

From Trump:

trump charter communication

Except that Charter Communications announced in April 2016 that if they were allowed to by Time Warner Cable, the company would hire 20,000 new workers.  Regulators approved the acquisition in spring and by summer 2016, when all thought the nation was smart enough to vote for Hillary Clinton, had started hiring its way to 20,000 jobs.

Here’s Charter’s CEO:

trump charter

4. Intel’s Arizona Factory

trump intel factory

Except Intel first announced their Arizona plant in 2011 (press release).  They just like to say these things with presidents next to them, and for obvious reasons: Praising a man like Donald Trump means that he will look upon you with infinite favor (see how Trump treats Putin versus civil rights hero John Lewis).  Should Intel ever find itself in regulatory trouble or in hopes of making a major acquisition that could challenge anti-trust laws, they’ve already curried favor with the president and could safely expect that Trump would do all he can for Intel.

5. SoftBank’s Investment

Shortly after Trump’s victory, he met with SoftBank’s CEO and together announced a $50 billion US investment that would create 50,000 jobs.  Trump felt so proud of himself he tweeted this:

trump softbank

Problem: A month before the election, when all thought Trump would lose as his “pussy grabbing” video had just seen the light of day, SoftBank announced a $100 billion technological investment fund from which analysts expected a sizable chunk to make its way to America, the world’s tech capitol.

SoftBank re-announced their plans with Trump because they want regulatory favor, detailed in this piece.  In short, Masa, the CEO, has long hoped to merge T-Mobile and Sprint.  Regulators have so far blocked such an activity for fear that it would hurt consumers by eroding competition.  Masa hopes that playing games with Trump will allow his dream to come to fruition.

Sorry, Donald, but it looks like you’re a liar!  Maybe you should try building your own legacy rather than golfing every weekend and spending all your free time violating the domestic and foreign emoluments clauses.

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7 thoughts on “Trump Didn’t Do That!

  1. I am sure a lot of what you have written is correct, but by the tone of your article you have an obvious bias. I do not have the time nor do I want to investigate further. I believe there are is more to the stories than you reveal so It feels like possibly you only state the facts that benefit you and those like you. Like yourself I have an opinion that will not be swayed by even detailed articles …why don’t you try doing the same type of article on Hillary Clinton and see what you find there..maybe then you could sway me.

  2. This is a great read. best part it’s true. Worst part as you state Trumps followers cannot see the truth. I’ve sent them link & link of proof their being lied to by FoxNews but I really think the name just about fools them. It’s a sad way to find out how gullible some are.

  3. What a phenomenal read. And the links that are put clear as day only help push the so-called ‘bias’ ( it’s called opinion and I have the same) into something we like to call ‘fact’… be careful this hurts some of our fellow citizens sadly.
    Keep on keeping on. This reader gives this piece an A+

  4. trump hasn’t done anything but run America in the ground and try to set us up for Putin he’s a treason POS & lies about everything he only cares about the 1%I don’t know why his followers haven’t got that yet he’s a racist bigot that needs to be impeached on that alone it’s not right to be racist& be in charge of anything that’s how I feel if you don’t agree I’m ok with that

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