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Illiberal Leftists

The Far-Left and Far-Right Have All Too Much in Common 

Far too many liberals and Democrats forget that authoritarianism is a horseshoe.  The extremes of both ends of the political spectrum tend towards totalitarianism wherein the state suppresses, to the best of its ability, the viewpoints of dissidents and critics.  This can be done in many ways – governments can pass laws forbidding contrarian speech, condone violence and physical retribution against those speaking in opposition, or it can discriminately apply frivolous labels meant to “poison the well” or otherwise taint the perspectives of those who stand against empowered group.  All of these methods serve the same end purpose: Monopolizing thoughts and ideas.

While it is of course easiest to pursue any of these avenues while in the majority and holding the seats of power, plural or minority factions can embrace the latter two means of muzzling nonconformists in efforts to squelch opposition and create a homogenous group.  Donald Trump has, throughout the course of the past 18 months, encouraged violence against protesters and applied meaningless and incorrect monikers to outlets and individuals who disagree with him.  See how he and his supporters deride the “mainstream media” as “fake news” or dismiss liberals as “libtards” or “communists” or “treasonous insurgents.”  Many (but not enough) have railed against such labelling and suppression of ideas, especially when it comes to the media as the news organizations help educate a wanting electorate.  But what Democrats, facing the brunt of this well-poisoning, seem to ignore is that such silencing also occurs in their own ranks

College campuses have been the focal-point for leftist censorship, and rightly so.  Students care too much about “microaggressions” and other slights to feelings and, as a result have sought to curtail free speech and free expression.  But these illiberal sentiments continue once students descend from the ivory towers.  Leftists, those on the fringes of the Democratic Party and liberalism, continue the college belief that speech with which they disagree – or speech which they find, in any way, racist, sexist, or condescending – should be banned.  How is that any different from the illiberal ideas of Trump, who blacklisted outlets critical of him, or his supporters, who want to see constitutionally-protected speech (such as flag-burning) outlawed because they disagree with the argument being presented?

These leftists also love to quickly and easily dismiss speakers with different views.  Innumerable speakers have been disinvited from schools because of potentially offensive viewpoints.  Not even liberals are immune from leftist censorship: When the illiberal left is faced with disagreements from Democrats or other liberals, they don’t try to have a dialogue or come to an understanding with the other party.  Rather, the illiberal left condemns critics as “racist” or “condescending” or “intolerant.”  Many antagonists are simply ignored by virtue of being a “straight white man” (I’ve been told my opinions or use of logic aren’t welcome because I’m white and rationality is somehow, and I kid you not, a racial construction).  Suddenly, immutable characteristics, rather than being something to defend and protect, are reason to dismiss opinions and thoughts just because they hail from a historically privileged demographic.

And so, by labelling as “racist” or “intolerant” or “bigoted” those who bother to disagree with the far-left, leftists alert other leftists than a speaker or writer is to be ignored.  It is de facto censorship within a community, creating an ideological echo-chamber and the makings of authoritarianism should the faction ever somehow come power.  Much as Trump and Trumpian thought is a cancer on conservatism, leftists and leftist thought are quickly becoming a leech on liberalism of which Democrats must be wary lest they follow the Republican Party down the road of authoritarianism.

3 thoughts on “Illiberal Leftists

  1. I think you’re missing some important distinctions between “free speech” and what it means and “hate speech”. They are not the same and should not be afforded equal rights or respect. When Group A wants to talk about how to commit genocide on Group B, or how to remove fundamental rights of Group B it would be incredibly STUPID of Group B to throw a welcome party for that to happen. Tolerance of intolerance leads to the tolerant losing all their rights. That’s a historically proven fact. So I’m sorry but if you’re telling me being a liberal means lying down and letting any old Nazi, fascist, KKK dirtbag walk all over my rights or those of people I care about (i.e. EVERYONE else in the world) then I will be proudly NOT liberal. If you honestly believe there is no difference between what Trump is doing and decent minded people banning someone like Milo from spreading more hatred on their campus then you don’t understand anything. And if you use an image of a liberal portraying them in an insulting “baby with a dummy in their safe space snowflake” stereotype that the right consistently use to shut down the FREE SPEECH of progressives, then you have no business at all claiming to be a liberal publication. And please get over the sour grapes about being white, it doesnt help anyone.

    1. “Hate speech” is not a legal concept. It is entirely free speech and allowing people to spew hateful nonsense doesn’t trample yours or anyone’s rights. The best way to expose the idiocy and true lunacy of hate groups is to let them speak freely so all can hear their bigotry and foolishness and shun them and their members.

  2. Terry, it truly do understand where you’re coming from. And i myself have gone back and forth with my conscience regarding this conflict. But the fact remains, taking the “freedom” out of “free speech” is a slippery slope to communism. It just is. Where do we draw the line? I hate it, but I’m not willing to forgo e everything America stands for just to shut up some racists. We’ve got a long way to go, no doubt, but we’ve come pretty far in shutting them up in this limited time. The author of this article is correct. Im a Democrat and I’m afraid to voice my opinion on anything that slightly differs from the liberal agenda because I’ll be berated. That’s NOT democracy. Its no better than Trump or his followers. Dont internalize and personalize what the author is saying. Read it, think about it, research it, analyze it, consider the consequences of silencing ANYONE and how that could BACKFIRE on us and our cause in the future. Because it will. I don’t have all the answers, but the answers are out there if we keep looking.

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