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Trumpcare Medicaid Cuts – It’s Going to be “Yuge” and Disastrous

Trumpcare Medicaid cuts will leave 15 million without insurance.

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign laid out two simple healthcare promises: No cuts to Medicaid and coverage for all.  The healthcare bill he wholeheartedly endorses, despite considering it “mean,” breaks both pledges in one fell and disastrous swoop.

Trumpcare Medicaid cuts total $880 billion (that’s $880,000,000,000), money which, by and large, will flow to the rich through tax cuts, a type of reverse-Robinhood that if enacted would defy the presumed laws of politics (that broad social welfare programs that deliver obvious benefits cannot be rolled back).

Furthermore, Trumpcare’s Medicaid cuts will throw 15 million off insurance, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.   7 million more would lose insurance for other reasons.  In total, some 22 million individuals will lose insurance under Trumpcare, leading the CBO to project that around 50 million Americans — around 15 percent of the nation — will be uninsured within the next decade.

This, of course, violates a promise then president-elect made: “We’re going to have insurance for everybody.”  So he proclaimed in a Washington Post interview where he touted putting the finishing touches on a healthcare plan that ultimately failed to deliver on his promises to his voters and the country.

Trumpcare Medicaid Cuts

But that’s not all.  Trumpcare Medicaid cuts may well force senior citizens out of nursing homes.  700 rural hospitals at risk of closing may be pushed into bankruptcy.  These hospitals by and large help older, poorer, and sicker individuals who, due to Trumpcare, will likely be unable to afford health insurance and unable to receive emergency treatment due to close hospitals.

The New York Times’ Upshot found that Trump’s own voters — those who placed their faith in the uncaring demagogue; who truly believed Trump when he claimed he would leave no American behind, least of all his base — would suffer most from Trumpcare and its Medicaid cuts.

So, not only does Trumpcare violate two major Trump campaign and post-Election Day promises, it does so at the expense of older, poorer Americans, those who by and large supported Trump and pushed him to electoral victory.

Trumpcare’s Medicaid cuts are going to be yuge, and they’re going to devastate a number of Americans.  Trump’s willing to screw tens of millions of Americans and break his word simply to cut his own taxes.

One thought on “Trumpcare Medicaid Cuts – It’s Going to be “Yuge” and Disastrous

  1. What did we expect, really! A self-proclaimed billionaire is gonna abandon everything he is and believes to come to the rescue of EVERYBODY? I didn’t like him before I ever saw him:(on Howard Stern). Now, he has showed me I friggin’ HATE him. We, as a country have receded into the past about 50-70 years, in only 8 months. Economically, even worse. The jobs, stocks and GDP are Obama’s. Trump’s fiscal year doesn’t start until October. Some people elected a lifelong grifter. Good luck with that!

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