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The Truth About Hillary’s Supposedly Scandalous Finances

No Wrongdoing.  At All.

As far as Clinton’s money is concerned, she graduated from a top law school and easily could have immediately gone to work at a big law firm, making a lot of money.  Instead, she opted to work at the Children’s Defense Fund and, later, became one of two female faculty members at the University of Arkansas’s law school while also working as the director of a legal aid clinic.  Though that last bit has garnered her some notoriety, providing legal aide to the accused is a fundamental part of the American judicial system (see: John Adams defending the British after the Boston Massacre).
Fast forward to recent times.  No Clinton received a salary from the Clinton Foundation, which we know to be true because of released tax returns from Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.
Money came primarily from book advances and sales as well as Hillary’s much-reviled speaking tour.  The speaking tour, even though she received millions from big banks, did not change her policies.  In fact, her Wall Street reform plan presented a tough stance on big banks while doing so in a way that wouldn’t dramatically overhaul the banking system.  Many, if not most, former public officials embark on such a tour as they’re low in supply and high in demand.  Her actions were not unusual.
I’m personally okay with their free market actions.  If they want to earn money, I’m happy for them; if not, that’s their choice, too.  I do think she erred in her decision to receive millions from the likes of Goldman Sachs ahead of a planned presidential run.  The perception of cozying up to the big banks is powerful, even if it’s not true, and I think that hurt her in both the primary and general.  Had I been her, I would not have pursued such speaking fees, but, again, it’s her private life.

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