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Why I Don’t Support Daniel Biss for Governor of Illinois

I Cannot Support Biss for Governor

Daniel Biss has made a splash in Illinois – especially in Chicago’s north shore – because of his progressives policy pronouncements and avid social media use.  While certainly a committed and respectable servant, I do not support Daniel Biss for Governor because, on top of promoting misguided policy such as a statewide $15 minimum wage even when that would create inequality within the state and likely lead to layoffs in cheap areas downstate, he willfully promoted a democratic socialist.

Democratic socialism is a dangerous ideology.  It wraps a failed economic platform inside the cozy phrase “democratic” to make it more palatable — it’s sort of like using bacon to make any nauseating food seem edible.  Sure, you get bacon, but you’re also eating garbage.

And with democratic socialism, socialism’s modifier belies danger.  Socialism has never once worked in the history of mankind.  Only poverty and death have followed experiments in the popular control of resources and production.

(Democratic) Socialism Doesn’t Work

Democratic socialists blame these failures on the imposition of socialism from an elite that sought only enrichment and did not act out benevolence.  They think that by initiating socialism through collective action — through the democratic embrace of their ideals — all will embrace socialism and the economy will thrive.

That, of course, ignores the impossibility of ever using democracy to determine the socially optimal ownership and distribution of resources.  It similarly overlooks the fundamental economic issues that will forever cripple socialism: Eliminating incentives destroys the will to work, decreases efficiency, and leads to an economy that stutters, gasps, and crashes.

Socialism, too, invites tyranny as the spoils of the state increase.  An individual or faction able to gain power have at their disposal the means of the economy.  They can receive bribes or kickbacks in return for lucrative government contracts that define the economy; they can skim from a bloated treasury; they can distribute the means of economic production to themselves and their cronies.  This only worsens problem societies already face with malicious actors trying to use the state for personal enrichment.  With more spoils come more bad actors.

Not a Party for Those Who Embrace Failed Ideologies

But the Biss for Governor campaign saw it fit to put a democratic socialist on its ticket as Lieutenant Governor (eventually dropping the candidate because of his views towards Israel, not his fervent love for sugar-coated [expletive]).  Daniel Biss himself, after a botched vetting job that resulted in embarrassment for the haphazard campaign, decided to elevate the far-left to a position of local and perhaps statewide prominence despite the danger’s of the foolish ideology.

And that’s why I cannot support Biss for Governor.  His eagerness to empower socialists and to promote socialism cannot be supported, even were I to agree with some of his other policies.  Yes, the socialist has since left the ticket, but the stain on Biss remains clear: He’s willing to embrace a destructive and ultimately tyrannical ideology that should have no place in modern America.

As Republicans should do to candidates who endorse or further Trumpism, I will do the same for the Democratic Party and not support Biss for Governor.

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