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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

Where does Bernie Sanders stand on the issues?  What are his policy beliefs?  If elected president, what would Sanders hope to accomplish?  The below table shows, in a sentence, Sanders’ political beliefs and his outlined agenda on various issues.

IssuesSanders' positions and ideas
EconomyHe supports a $15 minimum and $1 trillion infrastructure program, two ideas whose economic impact (together with his healthcare and tax plans) might be overstated by the campaign and some economists.
ImmigrationIn a recent debate, Sanders expressed support for deferring deportation of all undocumented immigrants (not just children) and providing a pathway to citizenship through legislative or executive action.
HealthcareSanders calls for a national single-payer healthcare system, a plan that would cost between $1.3 and $2.4 trillion per year, paid for by payroll tax increases of 8.4 to 20 percent (which, according to economists, employers usually pass on to employees).
Foreign PolicyDoes not believe in unilateral military action and wars without clear endgames; Sanders voted against the Iraq war and views conflict as a last resort.
EducationHe has unveiled plans for free college education, though the endeavor will not likely result in America having the most most or best educated workforce in the world and his plan does not fully explain how he will pay for such a program (part will be funded by a Wall Street trade tax, but that alone would not cover universal tuition).
TaxesPer Vox, Sanders' ambitious domestic agenda would require raising both income and payroll taxes (by at least 8 points) across all incomes, though hikes would be heaviest on the wealthy.
EnergyHis plan aims for a 40 percent reduction in American carbon emissions, calls for a "carbon price," a 65 miles-per-gallon fuel economy standard by 2026, construction of a nationwide high-speed rail system, an end to offshore and Arctic drilling, and a cessation of nuclear energy production.
Gun ControlVoted against the Brady Act, supported bills to allow guns on Amtrak, and favored a bill that shielded gun manufacturers from lawsuits "when their firearms are used illegally"; he now backs moderate gun control reform such as expanding background checks.
EnvironmentBelieves climate change poses the number 1 threat to America and, as such, hopes to cut carbon emissions and expand clean energy production.

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