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Best Anti-Trump T-Shirts

Our Favorite Anti-Trump Shirts

Fashion can be activism and these anti-Trump shirts are populist activism at its simplest.  There’s no easier way to show political beliefs than on a shirt seen by all.  Such statements can challenge others’ beliefs and provoke thought.  Dozens, if not hundreds, of people can see your message in a single day.  Simply put, shirts can truly amplify your voice.

To that end, we’ve searched the internet far and wide for our favorite anti-Trump shirts and compiled this page to help those showing opposition to President Donald Trump.  Our criteria are simple: Is the design pleasing?  Is the argument presented provoking, cogent, and truthful?  Will people want to wear it?

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So, without further ado, here are the best anti-Trump shirts!

Best of All Anti-Trump Shirts: Nope.

anti-trump t-shirts
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Simple yet evocative, this shirt clearly shows displeasure with Donald Trump without unnecessary verbosity or design.  It opposes Trump in a non-aggressive way, making a powerful statement with just one word.

The hair over the “o” makes it ever so clear the target of your derision.  Trump’s ridiculous hair deserves mocking.  Short, easy slogans with catchy images often catch the most fire — this shirt has both.

Best Play on Slogan: Morons Are Governing America

anti-trump t shirtsMAGA titillates Trump’s supporters.  They think it means a return to government of white people for white people; a government that ignores minority plight and once again legitimizes bigotry and irrational hatred.  To them, MAGA means Make America Great Again for me, not for perceived outsiders.

For everyone else — for all the sane, intelligent people — MAGA’s meaning couldn’t be more obvious: Morons Are Governing America.  Never before has an administration so openly embraced ignorance and empowered idiots, to the detriment of us all.

This anti-Trump shirt has it all.  A twist on the president’s favorite slogan and a powerful use of an upside down American flag, a symbol only invoked during times of great distress for the Republic.  That’s certainly true today.

Most important lesson: Country Over Party

anti trump t-shirtsUnquestioning loyalty to a political party is disastrous for the well-being of a nation.  Parties, especially weak ones such as the GOP, make mistakes.  They nominate demagogues whose primal appeal stems solely from irrational hatred towards minorities and fears of the future.  But people, partisans, support them simply because they have an (R) or (D) after their name.

And that’s just wrong.  Loyalty to one’s party should never trump loyalty to the nation.  Our civic well-being — from faith in democratic institutions to believing in facts — demands that each citizen look to the future and vote for the Republic, not for the Party.

Country over party.  It’s simple and it’s the right thing — the only thing — to do.

Best Political Statement: IMP45CH

anti trump t-shirtsThere are countless reasons to impeach Donald Trump.  Among them are violation of the foreign and domestic emoluments clauses, obstruction of justice, and violation of the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

This anti-Trump shirt is for you if you’re one of the nearly 120 million Americans who believe that Donald Trump should be impeached.  Democrats may well impeach, or move to impeach, Trump if they retake the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterm elections.

However, to be successful, the American public needs to become more receptive to such an idea.  Spreading that message — normalizing impeachment for a president woefully lacking in capability and who ignores the rule of law — is every citizen’s duty.

Runner-Up: Impeach Trump

anti trump t shirts

Best Dunk on Trump’s Supporters: Lock Him Up

best anti-trump t-shirtsAmong the worst moments of the 2016 campaign occurred when Trump surrogates and bigoted rally-goers chanted “lock her up!”  They, and Trump himself, supported jailing a political opponent for crimes not committed.  Yet 62 million Americans overlooked this obvious authoritarian rhetoric and normalized the notion of punishing legitimate political opposition.

Now, however, the Trump team faces its own prison nightmare.  Paul Manafort, onetime campaign chairman, has been indicted, along with former campaign policy advisers.  Let’s not forget Michael Flynn, Trump’s National Security Adviser who lasted almost a month on the job.  Trump almost named him vice-president; now, he’s been indicted for lying to the FBI and has willingly flipped against the Trump team.

Will Trump himself face indictments for collusion, money laundering, or any other crimes?  We’ll see (soon!), but until then, this anti-Trump shirt flips a familiar chant and turns it right back against the president.

Best Use of History: Vichy Republicans

best anti-trump t-shirtsFascism doesn’t come to America solely from a family aspiring towards a First Reich.

It comes through the sheer cowardice of anointed leaders; it comes from their utter and total willingness to accept a man whose ideas they have labelled as un-American and unconstitutional.  It comes from leaders who put preservation over betterment of the country.  Vichy Republicans are but enablers, not men and women of principle and respectability.

This anti-Trump t-shirt uses history to make a powerful point.  Let history do the arguing for you.

Runner-Up: Beware the Vichy Republicanstop anti trump t shirts

Best Takeaway: Resist for America

anti-trump t-shirtsResistance isn’t about denigrating Donald Trump or launching a bedeviled “witch hunt” to tarnish one man out of vindictive hatred (as Trump’s doing by pressuring the FBI to investigate the Clinton Foundation despite never having found evidence of wrongdoing).

Resistance is about fighting for American values.  For believing that all are created equal, with rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of property regardless of (im)mutable characteristic.  It’s about fighting for traditional liberal values; not fearing those with different skin colors or religions; and believing that America is strongest when unified.

This fight is for the values France celebrated when it gifted us the Statue of Liberty.  For sustaining the light of liberty and freedom that shines around the world.

We resist for sake of the country and this anti-Trump shirt shows what’s at stake: The future of our country.

Runner-Up: Resist Trumpanti-trump t shirts

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