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Donald Trump and the Ted Cruz “Sex Scandal”

Before the Utah caucus, the super PAC “Make America Awesome” ran a distasteful online ad (shown below) featuring a naked Melania Trump (Donald’s third wife) on a fur blanket.  The ad presumably attempted to appeal to Mormon values ahead of the Utah caucus, which Ted Cruz ultimately won with over 50 percent of the vote.  Trump rightfully took insult to his wife’s portrayal. ted cruz affair

In response, Trump sent the below tweet,  riddled with inaccuracies and uncalled for mudslinging.

ted cruz sex scandal

Here’s the problem: Make America Awesome PAC is unaffiliated with Ted Cruz.  The PAC is anti-Trump (not pro-Cruz or pro-Kasich).  Furthermore, and most importantly, it is against federal law for a candidate to communicate with a super PAC during the campaign.  Cruz therefore had no idea the ad was being produced or put out (regardless, he disavowed and condemned the ad later).  He could not tell them to make the ad, he could not tell them to run the ad, he could not tell them to cease the ad.  Any of those actions would have violated federal law.

But Trump kept propounding the inaccuracies.

ted cruz heidi cruz affair

This is wrong on all levels.  Cruz had no way of knowing the ad was being produced – otherwise he’d be violating federal law, something no candidate seriously running for office would do.  Trump’s tweet is wholly false and a baseless accusation designed for the sole political purpose of attacking Cruz.  There are no included truths.  Trump later continued the attack, retweeting this photo of Heidi Cruz, Ted’s wife:

ted cruz affair national enquirer

Disgusting and revolting and utterly below the dignity associated with an individual running for President of the United States.  Cruz responded by telling Trump, in no uncertain terms, to “leave Heidi the hell alone” (it is worth noting that Cruz has said nothing but nice things about Melania, effusively praising and complementing her.  Trump has extended no such courtesies).  Trump took an attack by an unaffiliated organization and used it as an excuse to blast Cruz’s wife without merit and without reason.

Enter the National Enquirer.  On March 25, the tabloid ran a damning piece alleging a Ted Cruz affair with multiple women.  Cruz vehemently denied the (likely fabricated) story and ripped Trump for planting the hack.  Trump denied all wrongdoing, though his statement lent backhand credibility to the story, fanning the flames of a Cruz sex scandal and throwing further his campaign’s muck.  The Enquirer has endorsed Trump and called for his election.  While it cannot be said with certainty that Trump planted the story, the connections are there and the timing is more than suspicious.

Regardless, Trump has stooped to new lows in shamelessly attacking Cruz’s wife.  The attacks stemmed not from a Cruz campaign ad, but from Trump’s seeming desire to drag Cruz into the muck, destroy his character, and senselessly slander his opponent.  These gross actions come from a presidential frontrunner and have no foundation in truth.

Trump must back down and apologize to Cruz and Heidi immediately for both his insults and his hinting of a Cruz affair.

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