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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Where does Hillary Clinton stand on the issues?  What are her policy beliefs?  If elected president, what would Clinton hope to accomplish?  The below table shows, in a sentence, Hillary Clinton’s political beliefs and her outlined agenda on various issues.

IssueHillary's belief, in a sentence
EconomyIn a plan to boost economic growth and income, Clinton hopes to raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour.
ImmigrationClinton supports a pathway to legalization for those here illegally and has plans to expand healthcare access to the undocumented.
HealthcareHer plan caps the "patient's share of the bill for doctor visits and prescription drugs" and wants Congress to provide financial assistance to families whose healthcare costs exceed 5 percent of their families (with other plans to cap the costs of prescription drugs).
Foreign PolicySupports the Iran Deal; wants to work with allies and other partners to defeat ISIS, though does not want to put boots on the ground in Iraq or Syria.
EducationHer college compact attempts to make higher education affordable by allowing students to refinance debt to decrease interest rates, expand income-based repayment, and expand aid to states that commit to providing post-grad opportunities and meet "affordability benchmarks."
TaxesHer plan raises top marginal rates, repeals fossil fuel tax incentives, and increases the estate tax, resulting in $1.1 trillion of addition revenue coming largely from the top 1 percent, who might see reduced incentives to work, save, and invest.
EnergyShe opposes the Keystone XL pipeline, wants to modernize America's energy infrastructure, and hopes to increase renewable energy production so that by 2027, all homes would be powered by clean sources.
Gun ControlExpand background checks to close the gun show and internet loopholes, end immunity for gun manufacturers, and make straw purchasing - individuals who purchase guns and then pass them on to traffickers or other individuals - a federal crime.
EnvironmentClinton hopes to address and slow climate change by investing $500 million in solar panels by 2020 and producing 33 percent of the nation's power through renewable sources by 2027.

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