john kasich on the issues

John Kasich

John Kasich

Where does John Kasich stand on the issues?  What are his policy beliefs?  If elected president, what would Kasich hope to accomplish?  The below table shows, in a sentence, John Kasich’s political beliefs and his outlined agenda on various issues.

IssuesViews and Goals
EconomyKasich wants to pass a balanced budget amendment - though doing so may harness fiscal policy during times of recession and war - and positions himself as a fiscal hawk (except for the Navy, which he argued should receive additional funding); while open to the idea of a higher minimum, Kasich believes its levels should be left to the states.
ImmigrationWants to complete the border wall, but also hopes to establish a path to legalization for those already here - after waiting and paying a fine.
HealthcareThough Kasich unilaterally acted to expand Medicaid funds to Ohio, he wants to replace Obamacare with a "quality-based" system with insurance company and hospitals sharing profits to "[keep] people healthy."
Foreign PolicyDislikes the Iran deal and hinted at support for putting boots on the ground to fight ISIS (he opposes nation-building, so his exit strategy may be clearer than that of other candidates: defeat the group and exit).
EducationSupports Common Core and school choice - as governor of Ohio, Kasich sought to revamp the education funding formula to boost poor school district revenue, and hoped to stress employment from an early educational age.
TaxesKasich hopes to expand the earned income tax credit (EITC), lower the top marginal tax bracket, decrease the corporate tax rate to 25 percent, and lower capital gains rates.
EnergyHe hopes to undo Obama's restrictions and regulations on fracking, allow offshore drilling, approve the Keystone XL pipeline, and see oil exported.
Gun ControlIn Congress, he voted for a bill to decrease the gun waiting period, but he also supported a 1994 bill banning the manufacture and sale of certain semi-automatic assault weapons.
EnvironmentBelieves in climate change, though has punted on plans to slow the Earth's warming.

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