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Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz

Where does Ted Cruz stand on the issues?  What are his policy beliefs?  If elected president, what would Cruz hope to accomplish?  The below table shows, in a sentence, Ted Cruz’s political beliefs and his outlined agenda on various issues.

IssuesViews and Goals
EconomyCruz's tax plan (more on that below) would "boost incentives to work, save, and invest, but as it would cause the debt to rise dramatically, the plan's economic benefits might be dwarfed by a debt crisis.
ImmigrationPortrays himself as tough on illegal immigration; he introduced an amendment to an immigration bill that would dramatically expand H1-B visas (though he has since defended the bill as an attempt to kill immigration reform).
HealthcareIn an effort to defund Obamacare, Ted Cruz helped shutdown the federal government, a move which cost the economy $24 billion; he introduced a bill to gut Obamacare and allow consumers to purchase plans across state lines.
Foreign PolicyStriking a hawkish tone, Cruz finds Iran to be the greatest threat to U.S. safety and opposes the President Obama's Iran Deal; Cruz, though, generally eschews the neo-conservative movement towards overwhelming military might and errs towards a libertarian foreign outlook.
EducationFavors school choice (a system wherein students are typically given vouchers to attend schools of choice rather than local district schools), parochial education, homeschooling, ending Common Core, and relinquishing federal education control to localities.
TaxesCruz hopes to pass a flat tax, establish a consumption-based tax, and abolish the IRS (though the agency is needed to collect revenue) - the plan would decrease federal revenue by over $8.5 trillion in a decade, inflating the debt unless coupled with severe spending cuts.
EnergyIntroduced legislation in 2014 that, among a laundry list of items, called for constructing the Keystone XL pipeline, ending the crude oil export ban, allowing offshore gas production, and eliminating all federal regulations on fracking.
Gun ControlTed Cruz ardently opposes any form of gun regulation, arguing that the Second Amendment is crucial to ensuring that the American populace is armed in the case of "government tyranny."
EnvironmentHe does not believe in climate change, comparing it to "flat-earthers" and saying that the 2-3 percent of scientists who also claim global warming is not a concerning trend are "like Galileo" (though other scientists replicating such methods made apparent the flaws in scientific design and execution).

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